Lycia adventure


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Lycia  adventure ( 7 days - 6 nights) Tour package

Highlights :  Fethiye, Telmesos Rock Tombs, Fortress, Amphitheatre, Kayakoy ( Ghost Town), Gemiler Bay, Tandem Paragliding, Horse Riding, Quad Safari, Jeep Safari.
1st day

Meeting and transport to hotel – a free day at your leisure
Fethiye City Center
2nd day
City Tour  including the Kayakoy ( the ghost town) :  today a  city tour combination waits for your.   
-We will first visit the  city marina and have a breakfast in one of the cafeterias in the marina.  
- Telmessos Rock Carved Tombs : is the first place you will be visiting after the nice breakfast. Amyntas  is the name of the largest tomb you will see in fethiye facing to the Fethiye Gulf.  Amyntas rock tomb, Dating from the 4th Century BC, it's typical of a Lycian tomb as it is carved into the shape of a temple portico with the entrance at the bottom right. Not much is known about the Lycians but we know Amyntas was important as his rock tomb is higher and larger than the others carved into the cliff. It's also the only tomb you can get right up to. Being that the Lycian rock tombs are carved into the cliff face, high above the town, the tombs are easy to spot and getting to them is easy enough - if you don't mind a bit of an uphill pull that is. Just keep in mind the reward of the views over Fethiye once you reach the top and that should be enough to keep you going.
-The fortress: stands where the city was first founded and the existing walls are from the 11th Century. At same places, portions of walls from the Roman period can be seen. The fortress was repaired by the Rhodesian Knights during the 15th Century and was used as a naval base.
-Telmessos Ancient Theatre : stands opposite to the commercial quay at Fethiye town centre. Typical Roman type theatre was built in 2nd. Century on the remains of a Greek style previous one. The site was escavated by the Fethiye Archaeology Museum in 1993 and a restoration project was made to renovate the theatre’s cavea and stage.
-Kayakoy ( Ghost Town ) : Kayakoy is a gorgeous little unassuming country village nested in the mountains behind Fethiye. Kayakoy has had many names over the years. Its Greek name was Levissi and its Turkish name was Karmylassos. For centuries both Greeks and Turks lived here together harmoniously and both names were used. The Turkish population worked mostly in agriculture and kept animals, while the Greek population kept themselves busy with craft and trade.
Drop off to the hotel  overnight
Ghost Town
3rd  day
Today is the day to have a great day live some adrenaline in blue skies . your day will start by pick-ups from the hotel and transffered to our meeting point in oludeniz. After a short meeting with our highly experienced tandem paragliding instructor your will get on our transfer bus up to BABADAG ( Father Mountain) to fly from the highest point of the mountain at 1969m.  No special skills or equipment needed to do this activity . all you need to is simply start to run 3-4 steps with your pilots command and you will be airborned. Now you can make yourself comfortable in your harrness and watch the breathtakingly beatful panorama of oludeniz and around.
Tandem flights are the easiest and safest way to experience the magic of soaring. Tandem Flights require only a 10 minutes briefing before you are airborne for the first time! The flight will last between 30 minutes and 45minutes depending on the weather conditions and takeoff site. Some passengers may just want a thrilling flight, and we can do that also. Just ask for an extreme flight, and if it is safe to do so, your flight instructor will give you an acrobatic experience you will never forget!
Your photos will be taken by your pilot and video recording too. You will watch your pictures and video while sipping your drinks. ( your photo and video will be burned to  DVD’s and will be given to you ).
Drop off to the hotel  overnight
Tandem Paragliding Over Blue Lagoon Oludeniz Turkey
4th  day
One of the most enjoyable ways to explore this area is on horseback.  Starting as convoys under the leadership and guidance of our fellow villagers, This area offers the option of two amazing trails; it will be difficult to choose which one to explore.
Our horses are well mannered, broken and friendly beasts, so non experienced and experienced riders are all welcome.
You can choose to tour the hillside trail of Kayakoy.  Travel through the forest and new village of this archaeological site.  Marvel at the remains of the Greek village, abandoned in 1923 (after the population exchange), ravaged by earthquakes and time.
Alternatively, you can choose to tour the trail of Oludeniz.
Drop off to the hotel  overnight
Horse Riding
5th  day
Experience the thrill of mastering a quad bike & buggy and join us on this exciting day bound to be the highlight of your holiday. An unbeatable adventure for both young and mature adventure seekers.
Following an introduction and safety briefing, the Quads and Buggies line up for a convoy that is lead and tailed by expert guides and experience a half hour familiarization session on smooth trails of the flat terrain.
Once you have mastered the controls and know the ropes, a more challenging ride awaits you: a harder terrain which will have you splashing through streams, riding on dust and dirt laden tracks to our private land of 40 acres where you can put your skills to the test on our purpose built jumps, slopes, mud trenches and water-jets.
The tour takes 3 hours in total and actual riding time is about 2 hours; 2 full hours of pure adrenalin and fun!
Drop off to the hotel  overnight
Quad Bike Safari Oludeniz Turkey
6th  day
A day consist of  dust, fun  history and natural wonders.
For a day of adventure and fun. Join our jeep safari and visit the historical sites natural wonders and the best beach in the Fethiye area. Departing Fethiye at 8:45 am the jeep convoy heads first for Tlos where you will see the tombs, theatre and castle left by 3 civilizations. The Lycians, Byzantines and Ottomans- After a short rest and a drink we continue along the forest road with superb views across the valley to Saklykent there you will be amazed by Europe's second largest canyon -300m. deep- and 18km. long. You will also eat a lunch of fresh trout or meat in a restaurant beside the river. After lunch the tour follows this river down the valley to Xanthos the most important city of ancient Lycia. You can visit the ruins and learn of its history before you continue to the sea. At Patara Beach you will drive the jeeps along the deserted sandy beach. Then you can swim and relax the sun before heading back to Fethiye.
Drop off to the hotel  overnight
7 th  day
 Transfer either to the bus station or to the airport depending  on your next destination.
PS: Alternative to day 5 : ( Quad Bike Safari ) is  12 Island Boat Cruise
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