Heaven on the Earth


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Heaven on the Earth Tour Package  (14 days - 13 nights) 

4 Day 3 Night Blue Cruise Cabin Charter
I t i n e r a r y
1st  day
Meeting and transport to hotel Transfer to the boat
We will start our cruise from Fethiye Harbour between 11 and 12 am.  The first stop of the day is Samanlik Bay in order to swim and have lunch.  Our boat will cruise to Butterfly Valley where you will have plenty of time to swim, and to visit this natural beauty.  The valley is home to 136 different types of butterflies and moths.  Then we cruise to Ölüdeniz.  The world famous Blue Lagoon is home to paragliding, and is the best place to do this sport around the world.  You can even do Tandem Paragliding Flights here.  The last visit of the day is to St Nicholas Island.  Among the remnants of history you can enjoy swimming and dinner here.  We will stay overnight onboard  here at St. Nicholas Island.
Blue Cruise Cabin Yacht Charter - Fethiye to Olympos - Marmaris
2 nd  day
We will cruise to Aquarium Bay early in the morning, then on to Firnaz Bay near Kalkan where we will stop to have breakfast and swim.  Our Boat will then anchor in the Kas Harbour so you can get out of the boat and visit this small charming fishing village. You will see the traces of all previous nations.  All the natural charm lies in a bay near Kekova which is where we will stop to swim, have dinner and stay overnight on the Sea.
Kas Harbour City Blue Cruise Antipellos
3 rd  day
We will cruise to the Sunken City of Kekova, Simena.  A traditional Turkish fishing village, and also Simena historical town, which deserves a visit.  You can do water sports in Gokkaya Bay.  After having dinner and relaxing in this pirates heaven.
Kekova Gulf - Sunken City of Simena. Blue cruise Turkey
4 th  day
You can have a look at the Pirates Cave before cruising to Andriace Harbour. Then you can make your way to Olympos Tree Houses by bus between 10am and 1pm.   Soonafter leaving the boat your will be picked up by out private transfer car waiting for you at demre harbour  and drive to demre city center to visit the the church of santa caluse and the rock carved tombs before we drive back to the hotel in Fethiye.
Blue Curise Yacht Charter Turkey
5 th  day
Before starting the next busy days. Today is a day you can spent at your leisure and relax.
Relaxaton Day - Enjoy Yourself - www.touristfirst.com
6 th   day
Jeep safari :
A day consist of  dust, fun  history and natural wonders.
For a day of adventure and fun. Join our jeep safari and visit the historical sites natural wonders and the best beach in the Fethiye area. Departing Fethiye at 8:45 am the jeep convoy heads first for Tlos where you will see the tombs, theatre and castle left by 3 civilizations. The Lycians, Byzantines and Ottomans- After a short rest and a drink we continue along the forest road with superb views across the valley to Saklikent there you will be amazed by Europe's second largest canyon -300m. deep- and 18km. long. You will also eat a lunch of fresh trout or meat in a restaurant beside the river. After lunch the tour follows this river down the valley to Xanthos the most important city of ancient Lycia. You can visit the ruins and learn of its history before you continue to the sea. At Patara Beach you will drive the jeeps along the deserted sandy beach. Then you can swim and relax the sun before heading back to Fethiye.
Enjoy The Jeep Safari Day Out  Saklikent Turkey
7 th  day
A free day to relax on one of many different beaches in Fethiye.
Relax - Have Sunbath - Swimm
8 th  day
Dalyan - Mudbaths
Being in the centre of a broad delta whose natural beauty remains untainted Dalyan is established in an environmentally protected area.  This is one of the few places of paradise, an area of natural beauty and interest.  The whole of the Delta is a protected National Conservation area, and is home to over 100 kinds of birds along with no less than three varieties of turtle, including the Loggerhead.
The journey takes about 1hrs 30min to get to Dalyan by coach then the rest of the day we spend on a type of river boats.Once we arrive to Dalyan Village we get on a river boat and cruise towards to Mud Baths the natural sulphur mudbaths where you can cover yourself from head to toe in therapeutic mud ( said to take 10 years off you ,believe or not !!) If you are lucky enough can see the Logger Head Caretta Caretta Turtles..After mud bath we get on our boat and stop at a riverside restaurant for a nice lunch and after lunch as we are going by boat to the beautiful 7km stretch of the Caretta Caretta Beach home and breeding ground of the famous loggerhead turtles we will see the Lycian Rock Tombs home to king and queens in 400 BC carved out of the cliff-face as well which our tour guide will tell you all about the history in the meantime.
Dalyan -Mudbaths - Turtle Beach
9 th  day
Horse  riding
One of the most enjoyable ways to explore this area is on horseback.  Starting as convoys under the leadership and guidance of our fellow villagers, This area offers the option of two amazing trails; it will be difficult to choose which one to explore.
Our horses are well mannered, broken and friendly beasts, so non experienced and experienced riders are all welcome.
You can choose to tour the hillside trail of Kayakoy.  Travel through the forest and new village of this archaeological site.  Marvel at the remains of the Greek village, abandoned in 1923 (after the population exchange), ravaged by earthquakes and time.
Alternatively, you can choose to tour the trail of Oludeniz.
Horse Riding Kayakoy  Turkey Fethiye
10 th  day
A free day to relax on one of many different beaches in Fethiye.
Relax - take it Easy
11 th  day
Öludeniz- Butterfly Valley Boat Cruise
To explore Oludeniz and the eastern shores of the beautiful Fethiye coastline, all you need to do is booking an Oludeniz Boat Trip with Libtour Travel Agency.
The word fantastic will fall short in describing this tour. We promise a perfect day on board our fully equipped and comfortable vessels with all the services you or your family might need provided.
This tour will make a climax in your holiday. There are a lot of activities on this boat trip for every taste and state of vintage we dont call it age anymore!
Early christian history and relics on St. Nicholas island which keeps one of the saints oldest churches, a good chance of spotting some species of indigenous butterflies and other wild life forms in the Butterfly Valley nowhere else to be seen, good anchorage points for a swimmin cold water bay, blue cave, Gemile beach, etc
You will get more than you expect out of the Turquoise blue of the Mediterranean. BBQ lunch served on board is another attraction of this exquisite day on water
Transfer Back to the Hotel
Oludeniz Butterfly Valley Daily Boat Cruise
12 th  day
Today is the day to have a great day live some adrenaline in blue skies . your day will start by pick-ups from the hotel and transffered to our meeting point in oludeniz. After a short meeting with our highly experienced tandem paragliding instructor your will get on our transfer bus up to BABADAG ( Father Mountain) to fly from the highest point of the mountain at 1969m.  No special skills or equipment needed to do this activity . all you need to is simply start to run 3-4 steps with your pilots command and you will be airborned. Now you can make yourself comfortable in your harrness and watch the breathtakingly beatful panorama of oludeniz and around. You will land on the sandy beach of world famous OLUDENIZ ( The Blue Lagoon ) after 25 -30 minutes. Youu photos will be taken by your pilot and video recording too. You will watch your pictures and video while sipping your drinks. ( your photo and video will be burned to  DVD’s and will be given to you ). Afterwards you can spen the remaning hours of the day sunbathing on sandy beach of oludeniz and swimm. İf you are not fancy to do that than our service car will drop you back to the hotel so you can plan the rest of the day yourself.
Tandem Paragliding Oludeniz Turkey - www.touristfirst.com
13 th  day
12 islands  boat  cruise
Your day will start at 09:000 – 09:30 with pick-up from your accommodation and transfer to our sail boat to start a perfect relaxing day under the hot mediterranean sea and in refreshing mediterranean sea. Our specially designed sail boat will take you to some of the most beautiful bays, coves, inlets of fethiye and will stop 30 Min. – 60 Min. İn each place where you can jump of the boat and swimm or just walk down the stairs to get in to the sea and / or you can lay under the hot mediterranean sun to put some tan on . boat cruise will end at 17:30 – 18:00 after the boat docks in fethiye harbour you will be transferred back to your accomodation
Transfer Back to the Hotel at the end of the cruise
12 Island Dail Boat Cruises
14 th  day
Like every beauty has an end. Today is the end of this marvellous vacation. After check out the hotel our private car. Will take your to the bus station or to the airport depending on your choice.
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