Fethiye Info

Fethiye, the historical and cultural Paradise of Anatolia, is the natural point on the fertile slopes of the imposing Taurus Mountains enamoured of the Mediterranean, where a butterfly changes to a coral, a juniper to a sweet gum, blue to green, music to dance, melancholy to joy, a forest to a sea, a beach to a rock, a nomad to a fisherman.  The beauties of the cultures enchanted by the ardour of light and water, "Diogenes of Oneonta’s" epigrams, "Ramazan Gungor's" melodies, "Jahit Begenc's" novels immortalized in this Paradise historically pass through generations. Çaliş's romantic sunset, Seki's Arabic play, Tlos's winged horse,  Poetic beauties of Oludeniz (Blue Lagoon), Gochek's bays-islands, Amintash's tomb, Paspatur's water, And hopes burgeoning on melancholies of Kayakoy.....If you want heart warmness, happiness & enthusiasm, Fethiye is the place to feel & to live plenty of things. Fethiye is an ideal point for a perfect wedding with affordable prices, easy access & pleasant temperature all year round.  Fethiye is a perfect choice with affordable flight facilities, good value for money & approximately 280 sunny days per year.

Fethiye is also a fantastic holiday for you & your guests with its unique natural beauties, historical monuments & rich touristic diversity.