About Us

Libtour Travel Agency  was established in 1994, head office in FETHIYE, for the purpose of providing the best travel opportunities and  guest satisfaction with high quality service. As a tradition of warm hospitality of Turkey, all the guests are welcomed personally upon their arrival and ensured the first step in Turkey as the beginning of a dream.

We are member of TURSABAssociation of Turkish Travel Agencies, Licence No: 2770

Our tours and itineraries are prepared in accordance with the views and critics of our guests . We have taken into account and considered every single email, fax and feedback form to refine existing tours and developed new tours to meet your expectations.

 Looking forward for a summer vacation, to be away from the routine of life and stress of business life, on the other hand, if you are not sure what to do, where to go, when to go, how much to spend, what to take along we are here to help you in presentation of a memorable holiday.

 Turkey, of course, the most favourite and preferred country with it’s charm, culture, natural wonders, Blue Cruises,  Cabin Yacht Charters, the world's most preffered hiking routes, Private Yacht Charters, Outdoor sport activites,  such as Tandem Paragliding for adrenaline, Scuba Diving to explore the underwater beauties, rich flora and fauna, birdwatching, photography, biblical tours, private tailored family (group) travel organizations. The very best way to get a memorable vacation  is of course is to decide what exactly you want, what combinations will make you happy. Vacation is not only going to another country,  lay on the beach, get in to swimming pools rather than the swim in the world's most beautiful and clean sea, going to bars and disco’s, spend your all time in all inclusive resorts. At this stage it is, ofcourse, a good idea to get professional help and search .

This is why Libtour Travel Agency is founded for.

 Our aim is to give you the best options to have an unforgettable vacation. Before you book any vacation it is advised to contact us. Visit our websites  at  www.libtour.com - www.flyoludeniz.com   and check our tour packages and  individual tours and activities.